Everything You Need To Know About Hiring Movers: Durban To Cape Town


Making the big move across the country can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be if you make a good call and use the best movers Durban to Cape Town. Add solid preparation and planning to the mix, and the process may very well be smoother than you’d ever imagined. However, there’s still a lot of ground to cover before D-Day – so we’ll get you up to speed with everything you need to know – from hiring the best movers to preparing your items, and everything in between.


Finding The Best Movers: Durban To Cape Town




There’s no shortage of national movers in SA, which makes separating the best from the rest quite a task. It’s always advisable to do some research and request multiple quotes, but this can become tiresome amidst all the other things you need to sort out. Regardless, finding the best price and company suited to your specific needs is paramount.


What do we mean by ‘specific needs’? This could be anything from:


  • Having special items like pianos or computers
  • Owning fragile furniture
  • Moving to/from a remote or difficult-to-access area


If you tick any of these boxes, you’ll want to spend even more time finding the perfect movers. If you’re not feeling up to the challenge, you’ll be happy to know that SharpMoov can expertly match your individual needs to a qualified movers Durban to Cape Town company to create a well-tailored service for your convenience. If you’d prefer to do your own research, we advise you to consider the following points when looking for your ideal removal company:


  1. Make sure the company holds solid licensing and insurance
  2. Check out previous customers’ reviews
  3. Make sure their availability lines up with your required moving dates
  4. Ensure you’re happy with the rates
  5. Take some time to read the terms and conditions


Last, but not least, note that any good movers Durban to Cape Town will ask you detailed questions about your moving list, location, and expectations. It’s a huge red flag if a company doesn’t do this, and spells disaster if you choose to move with them. As we said, planning and preparation are key for both customers and movers.




Hiring Movers: Your Responsibilities


No matter how helpful your movers Durban to Cape Town should be, the onus is on you to ensure the safety of your items. From writing itineraries of what’s in each box, to choosing appropriate wrapping materials, there’s a good deal of accountability on your shoulders. We’ve put together a brief list of some tasks you should execute before and on the day of your move:


Write down what’s in each box


Unless you have a photographic memory, it’s unlikely that you’ll remember each item you’ve packed in boxes – especially if you’re moving a sizable home’s worth of things to the Mother City. The only way to be sure everything is as you packed it will be to write up an itinerary for each box.


This is particularly important when it comes to fragile crockery or ornaments that could break during the move. It’s also helpful for your movers Durban to Cape Town to be able to see what’s in each box so they can store it accordingly in the truck. Not to mention how it will benefit you during the unpacking process!


Go ahead and make two copies for each box – keeping one for yourself and sticking the other to the side of the box. Labelling ‘fragile’ boxes in big letters is also well-advised, in case no one has the time to read the itinerary before storing the box in the vehicle. But, don’t worry too much about this, since the best movers are typically very gentle with all boxes regardless of their contents.


Make a plan for your pets


It’s all too easy to leave planning for your pets until the last minute. They’re family after all, and can ride in your car with you, right? Not always. Like many of us, dogs and cats can become extremely car sick, especially over long-distance journeys. In addition, if your pets aren’t used to travelling by car, you might be in for a long drive filled with scratching, howling, and general discomfort for all involved.


It never feels good to part from your pets, but there are some excellent pet transportation companies that prioritise your pal’s comfort above all else. They’ll ride in style while you focus on navigating SA’s dangerous roads and arriving safely at your new Cape Town home. Take the time to chat with a few different pet movers and understand their individual processes to find the best option for your beloved furkid.


Start packing well in advance


Sometimes life gets in the way before a big move, and packing is often left until the last minute. This is a sure way to lose items and increase your stress levels before the big day. It’s important to set a date to begin packing and stick to it! That way, you can be sure that you won’t leave anything behind, and you’ll have enough time to wrap and pack delicate items with care.


If you’re like most of us, packing feels like a huge chore. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that we at Sharpmoov know of some excellent movers Durban to Cape Town who also offer packing services! You can simply sit back and relax as boxes and wrapping materials arrive at the door with the team on your desired packing day.




This service is particularly helpful if you haven’t managed to recruit any family or friends to help you with the process. Even more so if you’re making the cross-country move on your own. If you’re packing down a house you’ve lived in for more than two years, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of stuff that will take a good deal of time to pack away, which leads us to the next point:


Sell what you can


There’s a little hoarder in every one of us. Most of us like to hold on to things for sentiment’s sake or in case we’ll need them later. But some of us have a really tough time letting things go. This can cause some trouble when we need to move homes later on, though.


To cut down on your movers Durban to Cape Town bill – and save space in your new spot – try to sell anything you don’t actually need. Whether that’s clothing, kitchenware, art, CDs, and even furniture, you’ll be surprised at the profit you could turn over. That will leave you with some extra spending money once you reach the Mother City.


You can turn to Facebook Marketplace for a quick sale, or go the longer route and advertise to your family and friends first. If you’re feeling generous, consider taking some clothing to your local hospice or SPCA and donating it for a good cause.




Keep your important documents close


Never pack your important documents like licences, wills, and ID documents into boxes. Keep them with you at all times as you make your way down to the Cape since you never know when you’ll need them. This way, you can be sure that they’re on hand if you need them, and that they won’t get lost amidst bigger items on the way.


Benefits Of Relocating To Cape Town


If you’re still debating whether or not to make the big move, be warned – this section may convince you to make your final decision. Cape Town is a beautiful, culturally rich city that has captured the hearts of locals and tourists alike. There are plenty of perks to look forward to from this region that Durban may not offer, such as:


Beautiful beach fronts


Beachfront pollution in Cape Town is minimal, and as a result, you can enjoy clear waters and white sands every time you venture to the coast. You’ll experience a plethora of birdlife, activities, and a safer environment. But be warned, your first dip might be colder than you’re expecting!


Hiking trails galore


You probably already know that Cape Town is home to one of the world’s most profound elevations – Table Mountain. This behemoth provides ample hiking opportunity, and the option to take a stunning cable car ride up, down, or both – if you’re not feeling up to the hike. Add the Cape’s surrounding nature reserves and all of their respective trails to the mix, and you’re left with a hiker’s dream come true.


Excellent education


Cape Town is an education hub, populated with some of the country’s top primary and secondary schools, as well as the famed University of Cape Town itself. A forty-five-minute drive will get you to another world-recognized institution, Stellenbosch University. If you have a family or intend to build one, there’s arguably no better location in the country for their education.




If you’re an animal lover considering moving to the Mother City, you’ll be excited to hear that Cape Town has around 4,588 different species living in and around its borders. Some more iconic animals you’ll see in no time include penguins, otters, seals, and even whales – though you’ll have to travel up to Hermanus Bay if you want to enjoy the whale season in full force.




The plethora of parks and reserves close to the city are the perfect places to encounter all the beautiful wildlife the region has to offer. Be sure to pack your binoculars before you leave!




There’s always something going on in the Mother City. From bustling bars to art galleries, international artists and food festivals, you’ll never be bored. No matter where you move in Cape Town, you won’t be far from some sort of festivity. On the first Thursday of every month, bars and restaurants spill out onto the streets, and dozens of art galleries fling open their doors in the CBD. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about your new home and make some new connections.


Movers Durban To Cape Town: How SharpMoov Can Help You


We’re no strangers to the moving game, and we truly understand how tough moving is – especially when relocating across the country. It’s a stressful time for even the most organised customers. That’s why we give our all to help you find the perfect movers Durban to Cape Town to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.


We take into account all of your individual needs, preferences, dates, budget, and any other requests and use our industry knowledge to match you with a top-tier removal company. When all is said and done, we aim to take the pressure off your shoulders as you make the demanding transition from Durban to the Mother City.