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Looking to move home or office nationally within South Africa? SharpMoov have partnered with the best rated and most affordable long distance and shared load moving companies across South Africa. The moving services we offer include house removals, office moves, mini moves, storage solutions as well as packaging materials for the move.

Moving Companies Cape Town: General Information


Moving homes when you live in a major city can be an extremely stressful affair, which is why many people rely on some of the best moving companies Cape Town has available. If you’re considering choosing a moving company to handle your move, but unsure how to go about it, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look through this general guide to hiring movers in Cape Town. This article will break down some pointers on how to get the best quotes and find the perfect moving company for you. We’ll also discuss how to cherry-pick the best moving companies Cape Town has to offer.

Moving Companies: Cape Town

In big cities like Cape Town, you might have to carry a lot of heavy items up several flights of stairs if you’re moving into an apartment. That said, moving into or out of a house isn’t much easier. Not only do you have to pack up every item you’ve ever bought or acquired, but you also have to label everything and somehow get it safely to your new home.

There’s also the preparation of buying boxes or finding a few free ones here and there from shops and supermarkets. Not to mention the endless bubble wrap and tape you go through as you spend hours wrapping everything up so it doesn’t break or get damaged in transit.

Since most people don’t have access to the equipment or manpower needed to move their entire lives, they choose to hire a moving company to do the heavy lifting and transport for them. Hiring movers to handle the process on your behalf can relieve you of the legwork and save you time and money in the process.

Hiring a moving company to transport your beloved belongings certainly takes a lot of responsibility off your shoulders. You won’t have to sheepishly call a friend to help you move for six hours straight on a Saturday, or worse, drive everything over on your own – making multiple trips in a small car. Instead, you can get a moving company to handle the transportation on your behalf. Movers will unload all your items for you, and carry them into your new home.

At the end of the day, it’s undoubtedly much simpler and incredibly efficient to hire professional moving companies and save yourself the headache of transporting everything on your own. After all, movers are experts who will do things the right way the first time around.

Moving is a stressful project and you want to make the process as easy on yourself as it possibly can be. That’s where moving companies in Cape Town come in. Moving companies in Cape Town offer a variety of services and options for you to choose from that fit your unique needs


Is It Cheaper To Move Myself?

People often think it’s cheaper to move on their own without the help of a moving company, but that’s not necessarily true. If you sit in traffic all day long, doing multiple trips between your old and new home, that’s a petrol cost you may not have considered. Furthermore, your time is valuable, and you probably don’t want to spend your weekend or off-days hauling furniture around.

How Much Should You Save For Moving Costs?

Assuming you’re moving furniture from a two-bedroom apartment, you could spend between R1000 and R3000 on a move within the same city. But if you’re moving from, say, Cape Town to Johannesburg, you could spend as much as R15 000. These numbers can fluctuate depending on the amount of belongings you need to move.

Do Movers Charge By Weight Or Volume?

In our experience, most companies don’t charge by weight or volume, but rather by the size of the vehicle you need and the distance it needs to travel from one residence to the next. So instead of being charged for, say, 80 kilograms of furniture, you’ll be charged for a medium-sized vehicle. You may also be charged a rate per kilometre or a standard transport service rate.

What To Expect When You Hire Movers?

Every moving company in Cape Town is different, with each offering its own unique combination of services. If you need a hand figuring out what to expect from moving companies, keep reading. We’ve broken down five things you can expect when you hire movers, but keep in mind that every moving company, both big and small, is unique.

1. Not everyone supplies boxes and packing materials; some expect you to get your own boxes and pack ahead of time. Make sure that you call or email the company ahead of time to ensure you understand exactly what to expect from them and what services are included (or excluded).

1. Not everyone supplies boxes and packing materials; some expect you to get your own boxes and pack ahead of time. Make sure that you call or email the company ahead of time to ensure you understand exactly what to expect from them and what services are included (or excluded).

2. Pack in advance. Make sure you have all of your miscellaneous belongings, clothes, dishes, and other non-furniture items packed away before your moving company arrives. You don’t want to accidentally leave something behind.

3. Disassemble furniture if needed. If you can’t fit a piece of furniture through the door of your new home, make sure you liaise with your moving company to see if they’re willing to dismantle it for you (and how much that will cost). You may also want to ask if they’ll put it back together for you when it arrives at your new home.

4. Packing and unpacking the moving vehicle. If you want a better idea of how long the moving endeavour will take, don’t forget to factor in the time for unpacking and packing the moving truck. As you can imagine, this could potentially take quite a while if you’re moving furniture from a four-bedroom house.

5. Don’t forget to recycle! We all know how many boxes, sheets of packaging, and rolls of bubble wrap can go into moving from one home to another. So, don’t forget to separate all the recyclable items you acquire and put them in their respective recycling containers.

Affordable Moving Companies: Cape Town

There are many moving companies Cape Town provides to new homeowners or renters. Usually, you find small companies run by ten or fewer people who can do the job at a reasonable price point. But keep in mind that you always pay for quality.

The easiest way to find the cost-friendly options amongst so many moving companies is to gather quotes from as many different companies as you can. This would involve a lot of time and effort on your part, unless you opt for some assistance from our team at SharpMoov.

With SharpMoov, you can simply let us know what kind of move you need, and we’ll organise a collection of the best quotes from reputable movers. All we need to know is the approximate date you want to move, your departure and arrival locations, as well as a few extra details regarding your moving requirements. Once you’ve been matched up with a high-quality mover, SharpMoov will book the service on your behalf. It’s that easy.

Best Moving Companies: Cape Town

When it comes to moving companies, Cape Town has a lot to offer. But how do you figure out which ones are the best? You may wonder which company has the best quality service, or which is the most affordable. Or maybe you want to know which moving company has been around the longest.

At the end of the day, there are many factors you need to consider when choosing from all these moving companies Cape Town provides. The decision is unique to you. So figure out what your criteria are – cost, quality, convenience, and more – then eliminate the companies you feel are the least qualified for what you need and want.

Then, it’s a simple case of deciding on a winner based on one more final criterion. This can be cost or otherwise. Ask yourself, which of these top contenders is the least expensive? Or whatever you think the deciding factor should be. Alternatively, you can rely on SharpMoov to handle the entire process for you. We work with trustworthy, vetted movers to bring you high-quality moves at affordable prices.


Small Movers: Cape Town

Keep in mind that there are some small movers in Cape Town that will be more cost-friendly than other large moving companies. Small- and medium-sized moving companies might only be able to offer short-distance transportation, or they might have a limited number of vehicles to provide. But of course, this could be ideal if you don’t have a lot of furniture you need to be moved. SharpMoov will be able to organise affordable and trusted mini movers to cart your belongings across town.

Moving Companies Cape Town: Northern Suburbs

Don’t forget about the options outside of the city bowl, for example, the moving companies based in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs. There are plenty of options to choose from in Durbanville, Brackenfell, Tygervalley, Bellville, and more.


more you broaden your horizons and look in a broader spectrum of places, the more moving companies you will find. It’s always good to know your options so you can make an informed decision.

International Moving Companies: Cape Town

For those jet-setting readers who are planning to emigrate from South Africa, there are moving companies available for you too. These companies can transport goods from one country to another, whether that’s a neighbouring country or one that’s located overseas. International moving can be stressful, so you’ll want to make sure you find someone who will do a high-quality job.

International moving companies also offer all kinds of services beyond furniture transportation, such as pet transport, piano removal, vehicle transport, and much, much more. So no matter the size of your home, you can count on international movers to manage most of your belongings.

Long Distance Moving Companies: South Africa

Many people require the services of long-distance moving companies to get their beloved possessions from one province to another. But ‘long-distance’ can also mean different things to different moving companies. As with any moving mission, be sure to call ahead and figure out exactly what your moving company can and cannot do for you. You want to be as prepared as possible to get your goods safely into your new home.


Moving Companies Cape Town: Southern Suburbs

Another area in Cape Town you should consider for moving companies is the Southern Suburbs area, which is made up of places like Thornton, Observatory, Rosebank, Tokai, Claremont, and more. The Southern Suburbs is a big area so there are plenty of great moving companies you can find in different neighbourhoods.

Furniture Movers: Cape Town

Keep in mind that not every moving company in the Cape Town area will offer additional services like pet removal, the supply of packing materials, or long-distance moving. For example, some moving companies are actually furniture movers; as in, they exclusively deal with furniture removals and will not be able to assist you with anything outside of that scope. Stick with SharpMoov to ensure that your movers are perfectly matched to your specific needs.

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How much do moving companies cost in South Africa?

There are multiple cost factors that determine the price when moving. Luckily we have been doing this a while and we have been able to pre negotiate the cheapest and most affordable prices while providing a quality moving service. Moving companies take multiple variables into consideration before submitting their quote such as cft (cubic feet of inventory), the weight, special sized items, date of move (end month, mid month), extra wrapping materials, packing, accessibility at collection/deliver as well as other variables.

100% Good Move Guarantee

We are one of a few moving companies in South Africa who endeavour to assist with either replacement or repairs of any items that are damaged by one of our trusted movers.

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We have partnered with South Africa’s top small and medium moving companies to allow the network to make use of empty space in trucks. We call them shared or part loads. We match your load with a truck thats already going along that route which equal cost and time savings for you and also helps the moving company with a return load instead of coming back empty.

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