SharpMoov Guide To Moving Companies: Durban To Pretoria


Hiring moving companies Durban to Pretoria has never been easier thanks to SharpMoov’s useful services. Whether you’re relocating a large house-worth of belongings or simply packing up a small apartment in search of a fresh start, SharpMoov will help you find the right moving companies, Durban to Pretoria, for you.


Take a look through this quick guide to learn everything you need to know about hiring moving companies to cart your belongings from Durban to Pretoria, as well as how SharpMoov can help you get the best deals. We strive to match you with the right movers to fit both your budget and schedule. A breezy, seamless move is within your reach when you hire movers through SharpMoov.




Hiring Moving Companies: Durban To Pretoria


When it comes to hiring moving companies, especially for long distances, it’s important to look out for reliable, trustworthy movers. Not only will they be handling your belongings during loading and unloading, but your items will be in their care throughout the long haul from Durban to Pretoria.


Anyone hiring moving companies for long-distance moves should make sure that the movers they choose will do the job well, and compensate for any damage to your valuables during transit. Here are a few signs of reliable movers to consider when choosing a moving company:


The Company Offers Insurance: A good moving company will include insurance for your belongings. This means that if any of your belongings are damaged during transit, the company will be eligible to compensate for these damages. Not only will your belongings be carefully handled, but you can ensure that any breakages or damage will be covered by the moving company.


The Company Has Good Reviews: While looking for moving companies Durban to Pretoria, you’ll have to consider a lot more than just your budget. Although a specific moving company might offer incredibly low prices, you’ll need to take a look at some customer reviews before paying for these services.


Take a look at the company’s website and read through some of its customer reviews. You can also call on friends or family who may have moved in the past and get their opinion on whether or not your chosen movers can be trusted to provide high-quality services.


The Company Presents As Professional And Informative: Your chosen moving company should handle all customer relations in a professional manner. A good moving company will be upfront and honest about costs and give you a detailed rundown of what they can and can’t help you with. Keep an eye out for movers who present as trustworthy and reliable. No decent moving company should hit you with hidden costs only revealed after the moving process.


If choosing a moving company to get your belongings from Durban to Pretoria is too much of a hassle, why not consider enlisting the helpful assistance of our team at SharpMoov? Let us know what kind of movers you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to match you up with the ideal movers to get the job done.


With SharpMoov you won’t have to worry about comparing quotes or sifting through customer reviews. We will match you up with the best of the best movers to handle your relocation swiftly and carefully.




Cost Of Moving Companies: Durban To Pretoria


If you’re planning to make a move from Durban to Pretoria, you’re going to want to calculate the cost of your move beforehand. There are multiple factors that can influence the cost of your move. Moving within the same city is the cheapest opinion by far, but moving longer distances – such as relocating from Durban to Pretoria, can raise your costs slightly. Most moving companies have a starting price of around R850. The further your moving distance, and the more furniture and belongings you have, the higher your overall moving cost will be.


It’s a good idea to break down exactly what kind of services you’re going to need from your chosen moving company. This will allow movers to present you with an accurate quote for your move. Here are a few factors that may influence the overall cost of your move:


Inventory Volume: Your overall inventory volume is one of the most important factors that movers will consider when estimating the cost of your move. The number of belongings you need to move will determine how big of a moving truck you’re going to need.


Moving a large four-bedroom house with copious volumes of furniture will raise your moving costs, as you will need a large moving truck and multiple staff members to load your belongings. On the other hand, a smaller apartment may only require a small amount of space in a moving truck and you could consider opting for a shared load moving service to lower the price of your move even more.


Overall Distance: As mentioned earlier, the distance your belongings will be traveling will have a major impact on the cost of your move. Moving between provinces will raise your moving costs as this will require more time and fuel on the movers’ part. Moving companies Durban to Pretoria side are likely to cost more than a simple local move, as your movers will be travelling long distances and will charge you accordingly.


Packing Requirements: Your specific packing requirements will also have an impact on your final quote. You can cut costs on your move by packing up all of your belongings on your own, and utilising packaging materials you find around the house.


However, if you work long hours or simply can’t find the time to pack up your belongings, then you might want to consider hiring movers to handle the pack-up on your behalf. The amount of packaging materials you’ll require as well as the time it takes to pack up your belongings will impact your overall moving cost.


Ease Of Access: This aspect of relocating usually goes unnoticed until moving day, but the ease of access in which movers are able to reach your belongings can also impact the cost of your move. If your chosen movers have to carry boxes up and down multiple flights of stairs or have to dismantle furniture to get it out the door, then your moving cost is bound to climb.


A good way to avoid adding to this cost is to have all of your belongings within easy reach and ready for moving day. You can ask your friends and family to help you cart your boxes right outside your front door for movers to pick up and load with ease.


Date And Season: The date of your move is also important. Moving during peak season or over holidays will raise your moving costs as movers will be in high demand. Moving outside of peak season will secure you a cheaper quote. Most moving companies in South Africa experience peak season in the months of May and June, and again between November and December. This is usually the time when individuals take leave and use this break to manage their move.


Specific Additional Requirements: Any additional requirements unique to you and your belongings can also impact your moving cost. If you have fragile belongings that need to be carefully handled or bulky furniture that doesn’t easily pack into the truck, your moving cost might go up. Make a note of all your specific requirements beforehand so you can let the movers know exactly what you need and learn just how much it’s going to cost you before moving day arrives.




Find Moving Companies: Durban To Pretoria


Finding movers to get your belongings from Durban to Pretoria can be a breeze when you enlist the assistance of SharpMoov. We will be able to match you up with reliable movers who can accommodate your requirements effortlessly. No house is too big, and no apartment or office block is too small for our movers to handle. SharpMoov strives to help you find reliable moving companies without busting your budget.


We have partnered with some of the best-rated, highly affordable movers around South Africa to give you the best possible moving services and some much-needed peace of mind. Moving doesn’t have to be expensive when you rely on SharpMoov to handle the vetting and booking of moving companies on your behalf. For moving companies Durban to Pretoria, you can let SharpMoov handle the hiring for you.


Take a look at some of the services our esteemed moving companies are able to offer when you leave the hiring process up to SharpMoov:


Mini Movers: SharpMoov works with affordable and trustworthy mini movers operating nationwide to assist you with all manners of small loads. If you’re moving a small volume of belongings from Durban to Pretoria, SharpMoov has got your back. Our mini movers are the best in the business and will get your belongings from point A to point B and affordable prices.


Furniture Movers: From a single piece of furniture to larger loads, SharpMoov works with weekly furniture removal services offering reliable transportation of furniture in all cities around South Africa. Along with our furniture transport services, we also offer packing, wrapping, dismantling and packaging options to get the job done. Big or small, we can move it all.


Shared Loads: If you want to save some money during your move, you could opt for the shared load moving option. With this accommodating service, you will be able to share a moving truck with other customers and only pay for the space your belongings fill within the truck. This is a great way to save money if you have minimal belongings in need of long-distance moves.


Moving Companies Durban To Pretoria: Preparing For Your Move


Once you’ve chosen and booked your moving company through SharpMoov, all you have left to do is prepare for moving day. Since SharpMoov will be handling the booking and communications with your chosen moving company, you will have your hands free to manage the last-minute, minor details before your movers arrive. Here’s a helpful checklist to run through in preparation for your move from Durban to Pretoria:


Make A Detailed Inventory: Writing up an inventory and taking stock of every item you’re moving will greatly benefit you when moving day arrives. By taking stock of all your belongings you will be able to ensure that nothing is left behind or goes missing along the way.


Do One Final Sweep: If you’re packing up your belongings yourself, then make sure you start early so that you’ll have everything packed and ready on moving day. When your movers arrive, it’s a good idea to do one final sweep of your old home before leaving to ensure that you haven’t missed anything.


Mark Your Moving Day: Even something as exciting as your final moving day can slip your mind when you’re caught up with other things. Make sure you mark your moving day on your calendar and prepare in advance. You need to be present and ready when the movers arrive so make sure you book time off work if your move falls on a work day and free up your schedule so you can focus on the final move to your new home.