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Looking to move home or office nationally within South Africa? SharpMoov have partnered with the best rated and most affordable long distance and shared load moving companies across South Africa. The moving services we offer include house removals, office moves, mini moves, storage solutions as well as packaging materials for the move.

Moving Companies Durban: Let SharpMoov Help You Relocate


If you’re planning to relocate and are on the hunt for some of the best moving companies Durban has to offer, this helpful guide is for you. We understand that moving can be stressful and SharpMoov is here to make the entire process much easier. This article will help you determine the best manner of moving by offering you some key insights into the relocation process, the logistic planning, and the operational costs of the administrative affair.

We’ll run you through everything that you might need to prepare yourself for this big adventure that you’re about to embark on. Moving is no small mission, so it’s best to go into it as prepared and organised as possible – fortunately, the best moving companies Durban has available are a lot easier to find when you make use of SharpMoov’s innovative services.

Hire Moving Companies Near Me

If you live in Durban, or you’ve visited Durban, then you’re likely familiar with big-city living. Durban is an expansive city filled with families, students, young professionals and everyone in between. In such a big, fast-paced metropolitan municipality, it can be difficult to manoeuvre yourself through the space successfully, especially if you’re enduring a relocation process that takes you from one part of the city to another.

While moving within Durban is tricky enough with all the traffic, pedestrians and beach bums, moving to another city entirely is an even more stressful endeavour that requires a lot of time, funds and energy. That’s why we highly recommend you make use of SharpMoov’s helpful assistance in finding the best movers for you.

Moving Companies Durban to Johannesburg

A lot of the time, relocation plans pick up quite suddenly toward the end of the year. This is usually because leases end, contracts finish and people decide to refresh themselves for the new year by taking on a new job or moving to a new place where they can start again.

Maybe your company has opened a new branch and wants you to leave the comfort of your home in Durban so that you can lead the team in South Africa’s economic hub, Johannesburg.

The general moving costs that come with relocating from Durban to Johannesburg is around R7995 to R19 995. SharpMoov will be able to pair you up with the best company to accommodate this long-distance move.

Moving Companies Durban to Cape Town

Perhaps you’re a young adult from Durban who realised that the best way to make social and professional connections is by moving to Cape Town, where the socialites are everywhere and the opportunities are ample. If you’re planning a long distance move from Durban to Cape Town, why not consider enlisting the help of SharpMoov to handle the vetting process? In general, moving costs from Durban to Cape Town are roughly R5995 to R11 995.

Moving Companies Durban to Pretoria

Regardless of your backstory, if you’re trying to plan a big interprovincial move, then you should kick off the process by considering various cost factors first and foremost, as your budget will generally inform the process and determine your limitations.

If you’re planning a long distance move from Durban to Pretoria, SharpMoov will be able to help you find guided and professional moving services to make your move that much simpler. We’ll be able to collect and compare quotes from various reputable movers and make sure you get the best possible deal for your relocation.

SharpMoov: Mini Movers Durban

If you’d like to save on costs during a local move around Durban, SharpMoov can set you up with some reliable mini movers. We will seek out the best mini movers and local furniture removalists to help you save both money and time. With our help, moving doesn’t have to be expensive.

SharpMoov is a service provider that helps you compare quotes from different moving companies so that you can pick the best possible service for your particular needs and requirements. If you answer just a few questions about your move, we can help by matching you with a removal company or mover with ease.

We compare moving quotes by surveying our large database of moving companies, checking to see which moving and removal trucks are travelling to nearby locations around the same time as you’re hoping to move. SharpMoov is well-connected to many different moving companies, so we have all of the information necessary to scan and compare different price ranges and quotes.

By partnering with South Africa’s top small and medium moving companies, we get the perks of access to shared or part load moves where you can put your goods in the empty space in moving trucks. By matching your move with a truck that is already on route, we can also prevent you from paying for an entire truck when there isn’t much to move.

What’s more, these relationships allow us to access discounted prices and rates, so you can expect to get a moving quote that is almost 50% to 70% cheaper than what you would normally get quoted elsewhere. This is a massive save in the grand scheme of moving, as this is generally the most expensive part of the move. And again, thanks to our great network of trusted movers, we can also help out in almost any part of South Africa.

Additional Costs: Moving Companies Hillcrest

Moving locally will cost considerably less than a long distance relocation. If you’re moving from Durban to Hillcrest or from Durban to Pinetown you can expect a much more affordable moving quote. By linking you up with the best moving companies Durban has to offer, SharpMoov allows you to focus on other important aspects of your move.

By allowing us to do quote comparisons and bookings on your behalf, you will have more time to focus on other important things like packing, planning and preparing for your flights and travels. And speaking of packing, it’s important to consider how your packing and inventory of possessions and furniture might affect the price on your moving quote. In fact, packing is just one of the many factors that will affect the price of your relocation and the quotes you receive from one of the moving companies Durban has on offer.

Your moving costs will be determined by many factors, including the volume of your furniture, the location of your home, and the packing requirements. While there are many different things to put into consideration, we’ll just discuss a few of the main determinants in the list below.

  • Your Packing Requirements:

Some people have no problem packing up their belongings themselves, while others expect the moving company to do that job for them. But the more work done by the moving companies Durban offers, before they can head out to your new destination, the more expensive it will be.

Your quote will differ depending on whether you want help with the packing or not. If you opt for the extra help, then know that the rate will increase if you have a lot of items, as it will require more packing materials, boxes and labour to get your belongings on the truck safely.

  • The Volume Of Your Furniture:

Some moving companies in Durban will ask you to fill out an inventory list so that they can get a better idea of how much space your goods will take up on a truck. They might also ask you for the measurements of your current room, apartment or home. This will also indicate to them how long it is going to take to load your items on and off of the truck, and how many staff should be present to do the heavy lifting.

  • The Accessibility Of Your Home:

This is a key detail that many people forget to consider when they’re preparing for a big move. If your home is on the 5th floor of an apartment building without an escalator, then it is going to take considerably more time and effort to move your larger pieces of furniture from one place to another. Consequently, extra labour and difficulty accessing your house will drive up the price of your removals.

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Once you are happy with the price, pickup and delivery arrangements with the mover, we book your move for you. We manage the whole process from start to delivery to ensure a smooth moving experience.

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How much do moving companies cost in South Africa?

There are multiple cost factors that determine the price when moving. Luckily we have been doing this a while and we have been able to pre negotiate the cheapest and most affordable prices while providing a quality moving service. Moving companies take multiple variables into consideration before submitting their quote such as cft (cubic feet of inventory), the weight, special sized items, date of move (end month, mid month), extra wrapping materials, packing, accessibility at collection/deliver as well as other variables.

100% Good Move Guarantee

We are one of a few moving companies in South Africa who endeavour to assist with either replacement or repairs of any items that are damaged by one of our trusted movers.

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We have partnered with South Africa’s top small and medium moving companies to allow the network to make use of empty space in trucks. We call them shared or part loads. We match your load with a truck thats already going along that route which equal cost and time savings for you and also helps the moving company with a return load instead of coming back empty.

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