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Affordable & professional furniture removal companies & movers to move you anywhere in SA.

Looking to move home or office nationally within South Africa? SharpMoov have partnered with the best rated and most affordable long distance and shared load moving companies across South Africa. The moving services we offer include house removals, office moves, mini moves, storage solutions as well as packaging materials for the move.

Moving Companies Pretoria: Everything You Need To Know About Your Local Movers


Why Hire SharpMoov?

Picture this: your year is coming to an end and you can’t wait to wrap up your work so that you can turn over a new leaf in a new location. The year has been long and difficult, you’re tired from all of the back and forth, overstimulated from constant communication about oncoming commitments, and maybe even burnt out from all of the weekends you worked and the conflict that you’ve been resolving. Then, all of a sudden, you realise that you still haven’t decided how you’re going to handle the big move, and the reality check sets in – that’s when you remember that you still need to pack up your entire house and move into a new one with just a couple of months left to do it and very little spare cash to make it happen.

In the exciting, sometimes stressful and manic lives that we live, there is hardly ever any time to really consider the administration and logistics behind your living situation. Finding a new home that’s close to work, wifi-ready, comfortable, safe and affordable is a nightmare that takes spending countless hours of your day on property websites and internet marketplaces and going through awkward house viewings. And when all of this is over, and you do eventually find the accommodation that is actually suited to your taste, lifestyle and (most importantly) budget, you still have to consider how and when you’re going to pack up your life and move it all over to this next place.

Hire Moving Companies: Pretoria East

Moving is never easy, especially for someone with a plethora of other tasks to complete, calls to take and details to finalise before the year officially comes to an end. Our team at SharpMoov frequently come into contact with people who have searched for help at the very last minute, right before their moving deadline, hoping desperately to find someone who can help them out with all of the moving logistics they forget to consider. Maybe they should have consulted someone sooner, or maybe they really just ran out of time, but either way, they all need help and we do our best to provide that service, offering our clients assistance with moving into their new locations seamlessly.

Furniture Removals Pretoria (East): Unsure Who To Trust? Trust Us


With so many people moving in and around this large city, the market for moving companies in Pretoria has expanded. But unfortunately, not all of these companies function at the same levels of affordability, speed and efficiency as others. Sadly, many moving companies tend to take advantage of naive clients who don’t take care to ask the right questions and take the right assurances. As a result, this leads to precious items being damaged, possessions being lost and increased anxiety.

SharpMoov takes care to make your moving process as relaxed and effortless as possible. We can assist anyone who is looking to do a house removal by asking specific questions regarding moving needs and then vetting and matching clients with the right kind of mover. Depending on your moving distance, accessibility, types of possessions and moving date, we’ll assess the situation and find the perfect moving company to help you with the process so that you don’t have to do the gruelling research, planning and communication yourself.

What’s more, thanks to our longstanding relationships with established movers, we can ensure cheaper prices for you than what you would find privately in the competitive market. This means that once you’ve booked your move with us, all you have to do is stand by and wait patiently for your trusted movers to arrive with supplies, trucks and professional movers. Our services will be made available to you on time, when and where you need it, as per your specifications. And to top it all off, in the uncommon event of breakages or accidents, we even offer to assist with replacements and repairs for any damaged goods, just for your own piece of mind.

SharpMoov Puts You In Contact with Small, Medium and Large Moving Companies at Affordable Prices

At SharpMoov, no move is too big or too small, and no budget is too little. Thanks to our partnerships with some of South Africa’s top moving companies, we have access to a massive network of moving trucks. We also practise shared or part load moves to save you time and money – this is a process whereby we find trucks that are already moving along similar routes to yours and ask them to pack your goods away into the extra space in their storage compartments so that you don’t have to pay too much money for a small load of goods to be moved. The services we provide are listed below:

  • Moving from Cape Town to Johannesburg
  • Moving from Durban to Cape Town
  • Moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town
  • Moving from Pretoria to Cape Town
  • Removals from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth
  • Removals from Durban to Johannesburg
  • Removals from Johannesburg to Durban
  • Small Mini Moves
  • Motorcycle Transport
  • Piano Moving
  • Car Transportation
  • Shared Loads Transportation
  • Furniture Courier

Collaborating with Large and Small Moving Companies (Pretoria):

Working in collaboration with a large network of moving companies and practising moving part loads or shared loads is also a massive bonus for the moving companies registered with us, because they will receive more jobs nationally and locally. Consequently, this means that small moving companies can expect increased loads, which also prevents trucks from running empty, wasting petrol, and diminishing the bottom line. In this sense, while SharpMoov will move mountains to help you with your relocation, we are also helping small, medium and large moving companies to expand their business.

Thanks to this large network of movers, this means that we can also get your goods further. SharpMoov doesn’t only handle small local moves in Pretoria. No, we can also do long-distance removals and interprovincial moves. For example, we have great experience working in some of the following locations:

  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • East London
  • Bloemfontein
  • Nelspruit
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Johannesburg
  • Pietermaritzburg
  • George

Furniture Movers: Pretoria

Pretoria is the central part of the Tshwane municipality, which is the single largest metropolitan municipality in South Africa, with seven different regional areas and over 100 wards. Tshwane municipality is located within Gauteng, one of the busier urban provinces in South Africa. With so much hustle and bustle, it’s no easy task doing moves or furniture removals in this location.

Fortunately, SharpMoov is well-connected with moving companies in Pretoria who are very well-acquainted with the area. These moving companies will arrive on the day and help you pack your belongings into moving vans. Thereafter, you can expect to find all of your belongings at your desired destination, at which point the professional movers will help you to unload the contents of the van into your new building.

Moving Companies Pretoria: Prices

SharpMoov is unique because we provide you with a quote that includes the prices for many different moving companies in your specific area. This way, you get to pick which option works best for you and your unique budget. Our quotes comprise only the best and most suitable movers based on the price that you requested. SharpMoov creates these quotes carefully, taking time to consider each moving company’s reputation, speciality and cost.

There are so many moving companies in Pretoria that it can become overwhelming to get quotes from each of them privately. Luckily, SharpMoov can do the price comparison for you by offering a side-by-side quote without obligation. Once you find the one you like, we can move on with the move, and make the communications on your behalf. It will also please you to know that the quotes we provide are generally 50% to 70% less expensive than most moving companies’ private quotes.

Moving Companies: Pretoria North to Pretoria East, We’ve Got You Covered

As you know, thanks to our longstanding relationships with many moving companies, we are able to cover a massive expanse of land within South Africa. Included in our mandate to deliver quality services and moving assistance interprovincially, is the dedication to connecting locals to quality moving companies in lesser-known areas such as Pretoria North, so that they don’t have to be too concerned about sourcing trucks and helpers.

Of course, many people sometimes tend to prefer simply asking their friends and family members to help on the day of the big move. However, having to wait for them to source a truck, or expecting them to stay on a strict timeline, can sometimes be a pain that puts strain on a relationship. Rather than having to rely on a favour, you can just call us and ask us to put you into contact with the right moving companies in Pretoria. This way, you can guarantee that the job will be carried out as per your requirement – and don’t worry, it will be done at an incredibly affordable price.


If you’re a local of Pretoria North, Gauteng, and you’re looking to move to another province or even just into a new house in a nearby location, then we suggest that you let us help you find the right mover for your ideal moving day. In the past, we’ve helped out clients in many different suburbs of Pretoria, liaising with moving companies in Pretoria North, but also conducting furniture removals in Pretoria East. Pretoria East is a popular suburb in the municipality, thanks to its proximity to major N1 and N4 highways, as well as its residential feel and large community of young professionals and families. If you’re wondering how much ground we can cover in Pretoria, we can tell you that some of the areas where we’ve conducted moves in Pretoria include surrounding suburbs such as the following:

  • Lynwood
  • Hatfield
  • Brooklyn
  • Arcadia
  • Sunnyside
  • Menlo Park
  • Kilner Park
  • Riviera
  • Roseville
  • Mayville
  • Waverley
  • Silverton
  • Parktown Estate
  • Centurion
  • Irene
  • Montana Park
  • Tierpoort
  • Silverton
  • Cullinan
  • Silver Lakes
  • Faerie Glen
  • Kameeldrift
  • Rietfontein
  • Pretoria Central
  • Waterkloof
  • Muckleneuk
  • Zwavelpoort
  • Donkerhoek
  • Tierpoort
  • Gezina
  • Faerie Glen
  • Garsfontein
  • Queenswood
  • Cullinan

SharpMoov Can Connect You With Cheap Moving Companies: Pretoria and Beyond

Whether you’re a student moving out of your digs and onto the next, a young family making your way from the big city to greener pastures, a business owner with a new venture and location in mind, or a young adult with a new job on the other side of town, we can help you with your relocation. When it comes to moving, there’s no need to fret about the budget or the safety of your possessions if you let SharpMoov handle the logistics. SharpMoov provides one of the cheapest, safest moving services in South Africa, helping you to relocate without a hitch.

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Best move @ cheapest prices

We have pre negotiated prices with our furniture removal companies in South Africa to ensure our clients get the cheapest and highest quality shared load moves, small mini moves, long distance moves, local moves and more. We manage every step of the way from enquiry and quote to delivery.

Cost Savings

Pre negotiated prices with movers in South Africa for guaranteed savings on your move. Save up to 60% on your move.

Time Savings

Save time by allowing us to contact pre selected trusted moving companies for multiple quotes and ensuring you get the best value.

Dedicated Manager

We manage every part of your move to ensure you focus on your new beginnings instead of the actual move.

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How SharpMoov Works

We match you with trusted furniture removal companies with 3 easy steps.

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We ask you about your move

We ask you some questions regarding your move like what items need transporting, accessibility, moving date, special items and more. This ensures we connect you with the best suited mover for your part load in South Africa.

We match you with a trusted mover

We find the mover best suited to your specific move. We have pre-negotiated prices with moving companies in South Africa to ensure your move is on average 50% to 70% more cheaper than if you would get a quote privately.

Book your move

Once you are happy with the price, pickup and delivery arrangements with the mover, we book your move for you. We manage the whole process from start to delivery to ensure a smooth moving experience.

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How much do moving companies cost in South Africa?

There are multiple cost factors that determine the price when moving. Luckily we have been doing this a while and we have been able to pre negotiate the cheapest and most affordable prices while providing a quality moving service. Moving companies take multiple variables into consideration before submitting their quote such as cft (cubic feet of inventory), the weight, special sized items, date of move (end month, mid month), extra wrapping materials, packing, accessibility at collection/deliver as well as other variables.

100% Good Move Guarantee

We are one of a few moving companies in South Africa who endeavour to assist with either replacement or repairs of any items that are damaged by one of our trusted movers.

furniture removals team

Time & Cost Savings

We have partnered with South Africa’s top small and medium moving companies to allow the network to make use of empty space in trucks. We call them shared or part loads. We match your load with a truck thats already going along that route which equal cost and time savings for you and also helps the moving company with a return load instead of coming back empty.

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