About Us

SharpMoov is a moving platform dedicated to trying to bring trust and price transparency to an industry that is outdated and riddled with fraudulent movers. We do this by means of technology and dedicated customer service.

SharpMoov works closely with moving companies and movers to ensure their service is top notch. We allocate time and resources to better there service at every turn in order to provide all SharpMoov customers an authentic and quality service.

Reviews are the lifeblood of the industry and we take this very serious. After each and every move, we review each stage of the move to ensure any shortcomings are fixed and improved upon. A move manager is assigned to every move to ensure everything runs smoothly. By having a middleman, you are afforded extra attention to the move without only having to rely on the moving company. To top it off, we take responsibility for any accidental damages or mishaps that might happen along the way. No other moving company can offer this kind of guarantee.

SharpMoov is a growing force in South Africa and we intend to make the industry a more regulated and transparent one.