Hire A Moving Company Without Busting Your Budget

Affordable & professional furniture removal companies & movers to move you anywhere in SA.

Looking to move home or office nationally within South Africa? SharpMoov have partnered with the best rated and most affordable long distance and shared load moving companies across South Africa. The moving services we offer include house removals, office moves, mini moves, storage solutions as well as packaging materials for the move.

Hire A Moving Company Without Busting Your Budget

Are you planning to hire a moving company, but afraid that it will bankrupt you? Moving can get expensive, and sometimes unplanned expenses pop up at the last minute. The whole ordeal is stressful, and it can be even more difficult if you are worried about your finances at the same time.

Luckily, hiring movers can be highly affordable and stress-free, as long as you find the right company for your move. SharpMoov matches you with the perfect moving companies to suit your needs and your budget. This guide takes a detailed look at the average cost of moving in South Africa, along with the qualities of the best moving companies so you can plan and feel at ease when moving day finally arrives.


What is the cost of a moving company in South Africa?

The cost of movers in South Africa can change depending on the type of move you need. Movers can start at around R1500 – R2950 to move a 2 bedroom small flat or home. This price can increase to around R6000 to move the same flat a longer distance across the country.

What Is the cost of a full relocation move?

Hiring professionals for a full relocation move is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to relocate. The cost of your move is dependent on many factors such as your date of moving, the volume and weight of your belongings, as well as the distance you need to travel. It’s important to get an accurate quote to find the average cost of your move.

How much does it cost to move locally?

If you are moving a short distance, perhaps within the same city, your move will be much cheaper than a full long-distance relocation, starting from as little as R2800 – R4600 for a small home. Longer-distance moves across the country can be much more expensive. Although, moves between major cities in South Africa can often be shared to reduce costs.


Moving companies South Africa

There are hundreds of moving companies across South Africa and with so many options available it can be difficult to find the best one suited to your needs and your affordability. Some moving companies are efficient and reliable, and others just don’t seem to live up to their name. It’s important to put in the research beforehand to find a moving company you can trust that won’t take advantage of you.

With SharpMoov you can avoid the time and effort of searching for great moving companies. We do all the hard work to match you with the right moving company suited to your specific needs. We ensure you are matched with a trusted, reliable and efficient company in three easy steps.

  1. We find out the details of your move from you: We make sure to ask you all the necessary questions about your move before matching you with the right company. Getting a detailed description of your move means we can match you with the right company that is suited to your specific needs.
  2. We match you with the best moving company: We then match you with the best movers. We have spent time finding the most reliable and affordable movers for you.
  3. We book your move for you: Once you confirm that you are happy with the moving arrangements such as time, date and costs we will book your move for you. We manage everything from start to finish to make your experience as smooth as possible. It’s the easiest way to relocate.

All of our prices are pre-negotiated with our moving companies, so booking a move through SharpMoov means your entire move can be up to 50% to 70% cheaper than booking on your own. Our discounted prices mean you won’t need to bust your budget, and deal with added financial stress while moving. Moving with SharpMoov means you save money with the added convenience of having us supervise the process.

Best moving companies in South Africa

When searching for moving companies, it’s not always a good idea to take the cheapest quote you get. You need to find movers that are affordable, but also trustworthy and professional. The following are five qualities that can make a company stand out as one of the best in South Africa.

  1. The company is reliable: Reliable movers can help make the moving process less stressful. A reliable moving company will communicate effectively and have professional staff who are experienced and well-trained. This means your belongings are looked after, they should be packed and loaded with care to prevent any damage during travelling. A reliable moving company will stick to a pre-arranged schedule and arrive on time.
  2. They work efficiently: Some moving companies charge per hour, so you want them to work as efficiently as possible. It is stressful to handle all the packing and disassembly of furniture on your own, but efficient movers can offer you professional packing services to protect your belongings. Having your belongings professionally packaged and loaded effectively means your furniture can take up less space on the moving truck and you can save on these costs. A good moving company can offer you quality equipment and packaging supplies.
  3. They are accountable for breakages: They will take responsibility for any breakages or damages that could happen to your belongings during the move. A professional moving company will prioritise the safety of your belongings and ensure they have adequate insurance to cover any losses. SharpMoov is one of the few moving companies that guarantee replacement and repairs for anything damaged during the move. You can trust our movers and have peace of mind knowing you will be compensated for damages.
  4. They are clear and transparent: A company that is clear about its prices, costs, and services is one you can trust. They should be able to offer you free quotes before you book them so you can budget and find an affordable company. It’s always a great idea to get multiple quotes if you’re booking a moving company privately, this allows you to find one that is honest and affordable.
  5. They save you time: A moving company that does the job well will take all the stress and worry off of your shoulders. They should get the job done quickly and be prepared when they arrive for moving day, giving you time to worry about all the other aspects of relocating.

Packing and moving company: Can they save you money?

Moving or relocating on your own is possible, but it comes with a lot of extra effort and stress and it can be extremely time-consuming. Many extra costs are involved such as hiring a moving truck and your cost of fuel and special packaging materials. You might still not be able to get all the correct equipment you need.

Hiring movers comes with endless benefits, and it can be done even if you have a tight budget. It is even possible to save money if you hire the right movers. The following are a few reasons why it can be cheaper to move with professional, affordable movers.

  1. You don’t need to take time off work: Moving and packing on your own means you’ll need lots of time off to organise everything. You can save money by keeping your working routine and getting professional movers in.
  2. They can supply packaging materials: Most moving companies can supply all proper equipment and packaging materials, saving you money from purchasing these yourself.
  3. They will pay for any breakages or damages: Choose movers that can guarantee insurance with your contract.

Be sure to find trusted movers with SharpMoov at the best prices. We offer the most affordable quality services for a trouble-free move.

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We have pre negotiated prices with our furniture removal companies in South Africa to ensure our clients get the cheapest and highest quality shared load moves, small mini moves, long distance moves, local moves and more. We manage every step of the way from enquiry and quote to delivery.

Cost Savings

Pre negotiated prices with movers in South Africa for guaranteed savings on your move. Save up to 60% on your move.

Time Savings

Save time by allowing us to contact pre selected trusted moving companies for multiple quotes and ensuring you get the best value.

Dedicated Manager

We manage every part of your move to ensure you focus on your new beginnings instead of the actual move.

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How SharpMoov Works

We match you with trusted furniture removal companies with 3 easy steps.

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We ask you about your move

We ask you some questions regarding your move like what items need transporting, accessibility, moving date, special items and more. This ensures we connect you with the best suited mover for your part load in South Africa.

We match you with a trusted mover

We find the mover best suited to your specific move. We have pre-negotiated prices with moving companies in South Africa to ensure your move is on average 50% to 70% more cheaper than if you would get a quote privately.

Book your move

Once you are happy with the price, pickup and delivery arrangements with the mover, we book your move for you. We manage the whole process from start to delivery to ensure a smooth moving experience.

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Receive a free no obligatory quote for your move from trusted furniture movers in South Africa

How much do moving companies cost in South Africa?

There are multiple cost factors that determine the price when moving. Luckily we have been doing this a while and we have been able to pre negotiate the cheapest and most affordable prices while providing a quality moving service. Moving companies take multiple variables into consideration before submitting their quote such as cft (cubic feet of inventory), the weight, special sized items, date of move (end month, mid month), extra wrapping materials, packing, accessibility at collection/deliver as well as other variables.

100% Good Move Guarantee

We are one of a few moving companies in South Africa who endeavour to assist with either replacement or repairs of any items that are damaged by one of our trusted movers.

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Time & Cost Savings

We have partnered with South Africa’s top small and medium moving companies to allow the network to make use of empty space in trucks. We call them shared or part loads. We match your load with a truck thats already going along that route which equal cost and time savings for you and also helps the moving company with a return load instead of coming back empty.

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