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Affordable & professional furniture removal companies & movers to move you anywhere in SA.

Looking to move home or office nationally within South Africa? SharpMoov have partnered with the best rated and most affordable long distance and shared load moving companies across South Africa. The moving services we offer include house removals, office moves, mini moves, storage solutions as well as packaging materials for the move.

Moving Companies: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Moving and relocating is a difficult process that requires a keen understanding of logistics, an organised approach to delegation, and a great deal of communication; however, even for those of us who do possess all of these abilities, it can be immensely difficult to find the time to prepare for an oncoming relocation. Our busy lives take over, and it becomes overwhelming to find solutions to growing problems. Sometimes even finding a simple answer to basic questions about pricing, insurance, and deadlines can become a difficult task that takes time out of your busy day. Fortunately, SharpMoov can offer an easy solution to your hunt for a reliable moving service – simply read this article to find out more about how we can assist you with your relocation by putting you into contact with the right moving companies, as well as all of the answers to your frequently asked questions.

SharpMoov is well-connected with a massive network of registered moving companies. We collaborate with these moving companies so that they can book more jobs and we can offer you more options. As a result, we can get the best possible prices for our clients.


SharpMoov Offers You Access to Reliable Moving Companies (South Africa) At Affordable Rates

ShaprMoov is one of South Africa’s cheapest and most reliable service providers, helping our clients to organise their home moves and furniture removals by connecting them with our reliable network of moving companies. We register South African companies to our database so that when the time comes, we can call on them to pick up jobs for homeowners and professionals who need help relocating their possessions and assets on a budget. Our professional service is affordable, reliable, and accessible for those who don’t want to spend too much time comparing prices, getting private quotes and researching company reviews. Instead, we do all of that for you, making it possible for you to pull off a seamless, stress-free move in no time.

What Is The Most Cost-Effective Way To Move?

Unfortunately, there aren’t really any ways to avoid the upfront costs that come with moving – however, there is definitely a way to reduce costs on your choice of moving company. By using the best, most affordable moving container companies, you’ll be able to save more money. For instance, using full-service movers or rental trucks is going to cost you a lot more money than if you use moving containers for coast-to-coast relocations. Of course, depending on the size of your move and the equipment that needs to be transported, you’ll have to consider whether this is the right idea for you – but the point is that there definitely are ways to save on moving costs if you’re prepared to be savvy and take the advice of our reliable SharpMoov professionals.

How Much Do Movers Cost In South Africa?

In South Africa, most moving companies who are transporting your goods have a starting fee of around R850 per hour. This could cover a short move with minimal furniture. However, the further the distance, and the more belongings you have, the higher the price on your moving quote will be. For a qualified furniture removalist to disassemble and pack the contents of a 4-bedroom house, and then deliver it elsewhere, it is estimated to cost anywhere between R7500 and R12000. Of course, this is quite a daunting figure, but keep in mind that this is a provisional estimate that can change quickly depending on your circumstances – so instead of betting on these figures, it’s always better to get a quote comparison from experts at SharpMoov before you start planning your move.


How Do I Make Movers Cheaper?

In tough times, we all want to save a little money, especially during a relocation where costs tend to pile up quickly. Relocation is an expensive feat that requires a lot of financial planning and saving, as there are always unexpected costs and price hikes that we often don’t foresee. Here are a few tips to help make your move more affordable:

Tips On Making Your Move Cheaper

1. Hire ‘Moving Companies Near Me’

By using SharpMoov services, you can easily save a lot of money on the actual furniture removal costs that are incorporated into your moving budget. Our quotes are generally 50% to 70% cheaper than average quotes provided by private companies.

2. Collect Free Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

Contact some of your friends or family members to see whether they have boxes lying around that they wouldn’t mind giving to you for free. Another option is to head to a local grocery store or retail outlet and ask whether you can have some of the boxes that they would otherwise be recycling. Both of these options are far cheaper – and more sustainable – than buying brand new supplies that will only be used temporarily.

3. Rent A Trailer For Smaller Moves

If you’re moving a very short distance and you don’t have too many items, then you should consider renting a trailer as opposed to hiring a truck. For those who don’t need a lot of space for transporting their goods, this is a great option that will save you time and money. Trailers are also always a good investment, as they’re great to travel with and even act as a convenient storage solution.

4. Seek Out Moving Discounts

A lot of companies offer discounts to specific people, such as students who are moving to new digs or veterans. Of course, this hunt might take some extra time on your part, as it will require you to browse the internet for coupons and codes that are applicable to you. Alternatively, SharpMoov will be able to help you find the best deals for your moving day.

5. Get Multiple Moving Estimates And Compare

It is always beneficial to do a price comparison beforehand, as this will prevent you from saying yes to an unreasonable cost estimate. SharpMoov offers a website tool that allows you to get multiple moving cost estimates at once so that you can compare quotes from different companies with ease. It is recommended that you get at least four estimates in order to find the best possible deal.

6. Make Your Move Tax-Deductible If You’re an Active Military Member

Active members of the military are subject to receive tax deductible on their moving expenses. If you’re an active military member, remember to deduct expenses that have not been reimbursed from your moving costs when you file your taxes. This will act as a massive means of saving money, although it will take a little bit more administration.

7. Borrow A Truck To Save On Costs

If you’re not willing to hire a moving team, and hiring a truck is out of the question, why not call on some friends and family to help you out? Cutting certain things out of the equation is a great way to save on moving costs, and if an acquaintance is able to loan you a truck, you can save money that would otherwise have been spent on hiring one.

8. Out With The Old, In With The New: Cut Your Costs By Dropping Some Of Your Load

While you’re packing away your items, consider whether you can throw away or donate some of your unused or old goods responsibly. This might help you to qualify for a small move or a shared/part load, where you get to save money by paying less for storage space on a truck. Not only will this be a financially safe move, but it will also help you to declutter your space.

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Best move @ cheapest prices

We have pre negotiated prices with our furniture removal companies in South Africa to ensure our clients get the cheapest and highest quality shared load moves, small mini moves, long distance moves, local moves and more. We manage every step of the way from enquiry and quote to delivery.

Cost Savings

Pre negotiated prices with movers in South Africa for guaranteed savings on your move. Save up to 60% on your move.

Time Savings

Save time by allowing us to contact pre selected trusted moving companies for multiple quotes and ensuring you get the best value.

Dedicated Manager

We manage every part of your move to ensure you focus on your new beginnings instead of the actual move.

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How SharpMoov Works

We match you with trusted furniture removal companies with 3 easy steps.

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We ask you about your move

We ask you some questions regarding your move like what items need transporting, accessibility, moving date, special items and more. This ensures we connect you with the best suited mover for your part load in South Africa.

We match you with a trusted mover

We find the mover best suited to your specific move. We have pre-negotiated prices with moving companies in South Africa to ensure your move is on average 50% to 70% more cheaper than if you would get a quote privately.

Book your move

Once you are happy with the price, pickup and delivery arrangements with the mover, we book your move for you. We manage the whole process from start to delivery to ensure a smooth moving experience.

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Receive a free no obligatory quote for your move from trusted furniture movers in South Africa

How much do moving companies cost in South Africa?

There are multiple cost factors that determine the price when moving. Luckily we have been doing this a while and we have been able to pre negotiate the cheapest and most affordable prices while providing a quality moving service. Moving companies take multiple variables into consideration before submitting their quote such as cft (cubic feet of inventory), the weight, special sized items, date of move (end month, mid month), extra wrapping materials, packing, accessibility at collection/deliver as well as other variables.

100% Good Move Guarantee

We are one of a few moving companies in South Africa who endeavour to assist with either replacement or repairs of any items that are damaged by one of our trusted movers.

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Time & Cost Savings

We have partnered with South Africa’s top small and medium moving companies to allow the network to make use of empty space in trucks. We call them shared or part loads. We match your load with a truck thats already going along that route which equal cost and time savings for you and also helps the moving company with a return load instead of coming back empty.

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Receive a free no obligatory quote for your move from trusted furniture movers in South Africa