Life is full of various stresses, and we are all familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Whether you’re focused on your job, family, or business, it’s tough to find the time to spend on yourself. If you throw relocating into the mix, it might seem like everything is sure to come tumbling down. Moving can be rather stressful if you’re not prepared. However, if done the right way, moving can also be a breeze.

There are many professional moving companies in South Africa whose priority is to take the stress off of your moving day, and even the many weeks leading up to it. We’re here to guide you through the top 10 reasons to choose moving companies for your next home or office move, along with a few trusted tips and tricks to find the best moving company to suit your needs.




Top 10 reasons to choose moving companies

1. It gives you peace of mind

This might be the only reason you need to start searching for moving companies in your area. Having peace of mind is important for you to stay relaxed and calm throughout the moving process. It can be stressful to plan everything yourself, so call in the professionals as soon as possible.

Most moving companies have trained and experienced staff who know how to handle your belongings. They can navigate the roads efficiently, and even ensure your fragile items are packaged properly. Choosing the right moving company means you can have peace of mind that everything will run as smoothly as possible.


2. Moving companies are efficient

With a team of people who are experienced in what they are doing, the move will be more efficient. Professional moving companies know the correct sequence and process of packing up and loading a moving truck. They will also be able to effectively unload the truck at your new destination on arrival.

3. Professional moving companies are reliable

Using a professional moving company for your next move is the most reliable option to choose. They will meet your deadlines and arrive on time. Movers are also trained in the best way to move furniture and fragile belongings. Relying on friends and family is a good option too, but it is always a bit riskier. There is the possibility of friends and family hurting themselves or damaging property in the move.


4. Moving companies are accountable for your belongings

Another great reason to opt for a moving company to assist with your move is that they are held accountable for your belongings. If something goes wrong, or an item is damaged, your moving company will be held accountable for this. You can rest easy, knowing that they will do all they can to transport your belongings as safely as possible.

5. They have appropriate moving equipment

Having the correct equipment such as packaging materials and a moving truck is necessary for a smooth and effortless move. Even if you are not moving long distances, it can be tedious to drive up and down between locations with a smaller vehicle. Larger pieces of furniture may not fit in the vehicle you have either. Choosing a professional moving company will eliminate any concerns you have about using the right equipment.

Most moving companies have options available for you to use the following materials:

* Hand trucks to move heavy boxes or appliances that are difficult to lift.
* Specialised boxes for fragile items.
* Ramps, to safely load and unload boxes and furniture onto the truck.
* Specialised furniture covers protect your furniture from damage.



6. Ensures professional inventory management

When moving, creating a professional inventory is important to keep track of all your belongings. It also keeps a record of the state of your furniture before the move, allowing you to reassess your belongings after the moving process.

Professional moving companies will create a detailed and descriptive inventory list to refer to. This means that your belongings will be monitored throughout the move with an accurate checklist, and will allow for easier unpacking. Most items are packed up per room, making it easy for you to find belongings and unpack them in your new home.

7. Forget the heavy lifting

Using professional moving services means you have more time to sit back, relax, and focus on other important tasks. Leave all the heavy lifting up to the experienced professionals.

8. Save on costs

Doing it yourself may be the cheaper option, but it comes at the price of effort and time on your part. If you’re thorough in your search for a moving company, you will be able to save money by using a reliable, affordable moving service. Most moving companies come with a full-pack service, and this can cover the cost of the entire move in one package.

This can work out to be far more affordable than adding up lots of smaller expenses that may accumulate if you decide to do it yourself. Hiring a moving truck and trailers alone can be very pricey, and it may take you a long time to both pack and unpack. Moving companies also provide liability insurance. Alternatively, if you decide to move items yourself and they get damaged, it may cost you much more in the long run.



How to find the best local moving company
Now that you’ve chosen to take the stress-free route and hire a moving company, you might be wondering where to begin. There are dozens of moving companies in South Africa, and it can be tough to find the right one to suit your needs and your budget. Here are a few tips to follow to find the right moving company for you.

Do some research: Make sure you research the moving company you are interested in to ensure they are reliable and professional. Take a good look at their website and have a look through their previous customer reviews. Take a close look at how long the company has been in business, and find out if they are properly licensed.

Compare quotes: Getting a variety of quotes from different moving companies is a great way to find one that suits your budget. You don’t necessarily want to go for the cheapest option, but you need to choose an option that you can afford. Creating an accurate inventory will allow the company to give you an accurate quote and you can avoid hidden fees later on.

Get suggestions from friends and family: It is likely that you know someone in your area who has gone through the moving process in the past. Getting recommendations from friends and family who have had good experiences with a local mover can be a great way to find someone suitable for you.

Don’t pay an immense deposit: Reputable moving companies don’t ask for enormous deposits before moving. Be careful to avoid scams or fraudulent companies who may not look after your belongings once you’ve paid them.


Use SharpMoov to match you up with the perfect moving company

Using SharpMoov is a convenient way to find a reliable and trusted moving company. We manage your entire move in just 3 easy steps, matching you up with the perfect moving company to suit your needs. You can rely on us to do all the research and planning. Let us help to make your next move run smoothly, with minimal effort from you.

First, we will speak with you about your move, finding out exactly what it is you’re looking for in a moving company. We will need to consider a moving date that suits you, the size of your move, and any special requests or items which will require extra attention. We then match you with the best possible mover to suit your needs.

All movers are trusted and reliable; you don’t need to worry about any safety issues during the moving process. Once all is in order and you are satisfied with your moving company, we will even book your move for you and handle the entire process. Thanks to us, moving has never been easier and more trouble-free.

How to save costs when moving

There are a lot of costs that go into a move and these can add up extremely quickly. The cost of your move can fluctuate greatly, depending on the size of your home and the distance you are moving between locations. Here are a few tips you can follow if you are on a tight budget and are trying to save on costs during your next move.

Pack your belongings yourself: Packing is probably the most time-consuming job in the moving process, but if you have the time and can pack up as much as possible on your own, you can save costs. It means the movers’ job will be easier when your moving day arrives, and they will quote you less for this type of service.

Save costs on packaging: It’s often unnecessary to buy boxes, bubble wrap, and other packaging materials when there is a plethora of free packaging materials around your home already. If you are organised, you can start collecting boxes from stores or from around your neighbourhood long before you move. You can also use towels, bedsheets, and tablecloths in between breakable items in boxes to help keep them protected. Use your suitcases to package items as these keep them protected and are easy to transport.

Declutter your home before you move: Moving is a great excuse to declutter your home and get rid of unused and unwanted items that have been taking up space for years. A good way to declutter is to go through your home room by room and get the difficult rooms over first before turning to the more organised rooms.

You might decide to donate unused items to a local charity, or you can sell anything of value second-hand. Getting rid of these items before your move means you’ll have less to pack up and unpack on your moving day. Having fewer items to move can also reduce your quote from your moving company.

Keep track of your invoices for tax: If you are relocating specifically for your job, or perhaps you are moving to be a full-time student, you may be able to claim back several moving costs when you do your tax returns. Keeping track of your invoices will help you negotiate deductions from your moving expenses.

Cancel your utilities before you move: By cancelling these expenses before your move, you can avoid paying utility bills at two separate locations. Make sure to cancel your internet accounts and other utilities with enough notice to match up with your move. The more organised you can be, the better.

Get help from family and friends: If you are pressed for time and still trying to save costs, getting help from family and friends can help you ensure everything is packed up and ready to go by the time your movers arrive.

SharpMoov is recommended as one of the safest and most affordable ways to book your next move. We have experience with negotiating prices with moving companies and can provide you with the best quotes on the market. With pre-negotiated prices, your next move can work out to be 50% to 70% cheaper than if you had to book privately.